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Dream station of the 1950's: CE 100V, CE 600L, MM-2 and Collins 75A-4 (WØYVA)

Announcing the 5th annual CE Boatanchor Event and Swap Meet

The 5th annual CE Boatanchor will be held, once again, at Storybrook Farms, Jonesborough, TN on July 22-23.
There will be an exhibit area where you can display and demonstrate equipment from the 1940's to the mid-1960's.
There will be a variety of technical discussions and workshops and, new this year, a special events station
with QSL cards available. Plan to attend; you won't be sorry! 73. Questions? Contact Nick, K5EF.

Marge and Wes Schum and Nick, K5EF
Wes, W9DYV and Nick, K5EF

The 4th annual CE Boatanchor Event was very sucessful with good attentance; great presentations; and
demonstrations of vintage and homebrew SSB equipment. Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Some short videos taken at the event:

Description and photos from the 1st CE Boatanchor Event

Photo of the 5th Annual SSB dinner, March, 1956. Can you spot Wes Schum?

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Repair, restorations, re-manufactured parts for all CE products

Replacement Parts
Repairing your CE equipment? We have hard to find parts available.

The history of the CE company is facinating. Find articles, original correspondence, photos and more here. NEW: Vintage sound recordings and videos. (THIS PAGE UPDATED 10/28/13)

Product Brochures
Original product brochures (pdf format) for 10A, 10B, 20A, MM-1, MM-2, RE-1, 100V, 200V, 600L and more ...

Historical (and other) Videos

Electronics At Work (1943)
A Modern Aladdin's Lamp (AT&T)
The Proximity Fuse (WWII Secret Weapon)

Nick, K5EF's Interview on Ham Nation
History of SSB (Ham Nation)

Technical Information
Informative articles, repair suggestions, modifications, service notes, etc.

Owner Photos
Find photos of CE stations and equipment! We would like to include yours. Send your photo(s) here.

CE Manuals
We will be slowly adding on-line copies of all CE manuals.

Equipment Descriptions
Details of all CE products.

Ivanhoe and Galahad

ER Article Read this first!
Ivanhoe Schematic
Galahad Schematic
Ivanhoe Keying Circuit
Ivanhoe Design Notes (1961) Pg 1 2 3
Ivanhoe Photo
Series Gate Modulation Article Pg 1 2

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