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Home (Page updated 2/8/2020) ... your source for CE history, parts, information, repair and more!

Dream station of the 1950's: CE 100V, CE 600L, MM-2 and Collins 75A-4 (WØYVA)

Dial back to Year 2003. Wes Schum and I are motoring down the highway towards the Shelby Hamfest - me
at the wheel and Wes riding shotgun. Knowing that the trip would take around 3 hours, I brought along a
small dictation recorder and a handful of mini cassette tapes. Soon, my plan was underway: Wes, holding
the recorder steadily in-hand, began orally highlighting his life and work developing SSB products that
changed Ham Radio. Listening to these tapes years later has brought back a flood of memories of our
friendship - one that spanned over 45 years. Hope you enjoy W9DYV, in his own words! 73, Nick, K5EF.

Conversations with Wes Schum, W9DYV and Nick Tusa ... back in the day!

8th W9DYV's Amateur Radio Symposium; Wrap-up

This year presentations included the following;

A High Performance SDR Receiver for the Ham; Bob Nickels W9RAN
View on YouTube
HF Receiver Performance; Rob Sherwood NC0B
View on YouTube
Understanding of Human Speech Articulation; Dr. Bob Heil K9EID
View on YouTube
The Collins S-2 Line History and Evolution; Dave Beckler N0SAP
View on YouTube
Wes Schum (W9DYV) and Central Electronics; Nick Tusa K5EF
View on YouTube
Drake T4XC: Low Power Output and Why; David Assaf W5XU
View on YouTube
AM and the story of the Gates BC-1T; Bob Allison WB1GCM
View on YouTube
Vintage Radio and Homebrewing Adventures; Lynn Fisk K5LYN
View on YouTube

The 8th W9DYV's Amateur Radio Symposium
January 24-25, 2020

If you boatanchor guys in the Midwest really wanted to attend the W9DYV Radio Symposium in past years but didn't relish so long of a drive, fret no longer - the Symposium is coming near you!

Next year, boatanchor/restoration enthusiasts, historian-hobbyists and those wishing to hone new skills will have two venues to choose from: Winterfest 2020 in St. Louis and our New Orleans home base.

Already we have a great cast of speakers lined up to present important topics that involve SDR design, vintage gear restoration, Rob Sherwood's latest HF rig performance observations and, for the heavy metal crowd: Bob Allison's Gates BC-1T restoration.

Pencil in January 24th and 25th. Plan new to be in St. Louis to network with fellow restoration/homebrewers and enjoy a truly fun hamfest.

Watch this space for forum schedules to be posted soon!

For more information about Winterfest visit:

A High Performance SDR Receiver for the Ham - Bob Nickels W9RAN
HF Receiver Performance - Rob Sherwood NC0B
Understanding of Human Speech Articulation - Dr. Bob Heil K9EID
The Collins S-2 Line History and Evolution - Dave Beckler N0SAP
Wes Schum (W9DYV) and Central Electronics - Nick Tusa K5EF
Drake T4XC: Low Power Output and Why - David Assaf W5XU
AM and the story of the Gates BC-1T - Bob Allison WB1GCM
Vintage Radio and Homebrewing Adventures - Lynn Fisk K5LYN

The 7th (2019) annual CE Boatanchor Event; Wrap-up Report

This year presentations included the following;

The Ellusive Collins S-2 Line - David Beckler, NØSAP
View on YouTube
The Drake TR-8 Prototype Saga Continues - David Assaf, W5XU
View on YouTube
Working 630 Meters - Rob Sherwood, NCØB
View on YouTube
High Performance HF Amp Construction - Ron Scalise, WA5ZFP
View on YouTube
SDR and the Radio Amateur - Emile Diodene, KE5QKR
View on YouTube
The How's & Whys of Buck-Boost Xfrs - David Assaf, W5XU
View on YouTube
Understanding Speech Articulation - Bob Heil, K9EID
View on YouTube
Low Band Receiving Antennas - Ted Saba, KN5O
View on YouTube
Vintage Radio Restoration - Nick Tusa, K5EF
View on YouTube
Receiver Performance - Rob Sherwood, NCØB
View on YouTube
SDR Design Ideas by Carl Fedrowisch - KG5NXY
View on YouTube
Improve your Receiver Audio - Bob Heil, K9EID
View on YouTube
Cosmophone 35 Restoration - Nick Tusa, K5EF
View on YouTube
DX-Pedition Planning - David Assaf, W5XU
View on YouTube

View ALL videos here (playlist)

W9DYV's Amateur Radio Symposium
July 19-21 Slidell, Louisiana

New Venue-Expanded Topics-Boneyard/Tailgating

Interested in the full spectrum of vintage HF SSB/AM radio rig restoration, electron tubes, homebrew rig construction and even SDR? Looking for just a good old-fashioned summertime hamfest/boneyard? Or an XYL-sanctioned opportunity to visit New Orleans and the National World War II Museum?

Here's a can't-miss event, just for you.

Beginning on July 19th,a full two-days of technical and homebrew equipment seminars await you, coupled with an exciting hamfest hosted by the Ozone Amateur Radio Club to trade and hunt for radio treasures. Do you have a new tube or solid-state rig in the works? Get it finished and tell us all about it! Lots of enthusiasts would welcome hearing your design ideas, construction insight and past experiences. By sharing ideas, this is how we can make this wonderful hobby a bit more fulfilling for old experimenters and newcomers alike.

Worried about South Louisiana's summer heat? Don't fret - this indoor hamfest is fully airconditioned as are our symposium's meeting rooms at the Slidell LaQuinta host hotel. Like the great outdoors? The fest's John Slidell Park site has plenty of room for outdoor tailgating, too! Enjoy good food? Past W9DYV events have routinely knocked the cover off the ball when it comes to night-time cuisine and libations -- electronic creativity requires proper nutrition! Getting here is a snap, too - Slidell is at the intersection of Interstate Highways 10, 12 and 59. What could be easier?

Save the dates, send your presentation topics to us now, and keep those soldering irons hot! Check this web[age and the Ozone Amateur Radio Club ( websites as event information, presentation schedules and hotel registration information will be posted soon.

Hamfest Hotel is LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 126 Holiday Blvd., Slidell, LA. For reservations call 985-649-2170 and mention 'Hamfest' so we get a tabulation on room nights. The number of booked room nights reduces the conference room cost ... down to $0 with sufficient bookings. Thank you!

Symposium Schedule - FREE to attend!

July 19th, Friday, LaQuinta

8:30 - 9:00AM
Welcome - Introduction
Nick Tusa, K5EF
9:00 - 9:30AM
The Ellusive Collins S-2 Line
David Beckler, NØSAP
9:45 - 10:30AM
The Drake TR-8 Prototype Saga Continues
David Assaf, W5XU
10:45 - 11:30AM
Working 630 Meters
Rob Sherwood, NCØB
NOON - 1:00PM
Lunch Break
1:00 - 2:00PM
High Performance HF Amp Construction
Ron Scalise, WA5ZFP
2:00 - 2:30PM
The How's & Whys of Buck-Boost Xfrs
David Assaf, W5XU
2:45- 3:45PM
Transmitter Audio Optimization
Bob Heil, K9EID
3:45 -4:45PM
Low Noise Antennas for 80/160M Dxing
Ted Saba, KN5O
4:45 - 5:30PM
Vintage Radio Restoration Hints
Nick Tusa, K5EF

July 20th, Hamfest Flea Market, John Slidell Playground
8:00 - 11:30AM

Thoughts on Audio and Improving Transmitter Speech effectiveness
Bob Heil, K9EID
SDR and the Radio Amateur
Emile Diodene, KE5QKR

Friday 20th, Saturday, LaQuinta

NOON - 1:00PM
SDR Design Ideas
Carl Fedrowisch, KG5NXY
1:15 - 2:30PM
Receiver Performance Verfification & Enhancement
Rob Sherwood, NCØB
2:45 - 3:45PM
Receiver Audio Enhancement
Bob Heil, K9EID
3:45- 4:15PM
Restoring the Cosmophone 35 Bilateral Radio
Nick Tusa, K5EF
4:15 -5:00PM
DXpedition Planning
David Assaf, W5XU

There are plenty of 'non-ham' activities in the area including;

73 Nick K5EF

The 6th (2018) annual CE Boatanchor Event; Wrap-up Report

This year presentations included the following;

The "Mysterious" Batchelor Broadband Coupler - Nick Tusa, K5EF
The Drake TR-8 Prototype - David, W5XU
The National Radio Corporation - George, W1LSB
SDR Techniques and Boatanchors - Bob, W9RAN
The Pine Board AM Transmitter - Bob Heil, K9EID
Heil Parametric Receive System - Bob Heil, K9EID
Restoration Hints and Kinks - K5EF/W1LSB/WØYVA
Collins Radio Corporation - George, W1LSB
The Drake TR3; Remanufactured - Dave Campbell, K8BYP
Spratley Island DXpedition - David, W5XU


The 5th (2017) annual CE Boatanchor Event; Wrap-up Report

This year's event went off without a hitch, thanks to the hard work of the planning team and the local assistance provided by Bob Gass, N4FV. By Thursday 3PM, we had the TA-33 Yagi and the 130ft dipole antenna erected and operational. The Storybrook Farms site (Wes Schum's former QTH) is an excellent venue with respect to area to expand the bone yard and for low-noise operations on the low bands.

This year, the focus of technical and historical discussions involved both Collins and Drake in addition to the care and feeding of vintage gear. Also on deck was the actual 100V broadband transmitter prototype developed by Joe Batchelor and Wes Schum in 1956. This was the rig that got the attention of Karl Hassel, founder of Zenith Radio, and set the stage for exciting products from Central Electronics.

To encourage hoss-tradin' at this year's event, there was no fee for tailgating spaces in the boneyard. This made a positive difference and the field was filled with neat rigs…Drake, Collins, Alpha, National, Swan, Johnson, and Heath. Best of all, the prices were excellent and equipment changed hands! Growing the boneyard is the event's new priority and we welcome any suggestions or ideas for doing so. Please, don't be shy. Your input is very important, not only for the tailgating aspect but to keep us on track with finding speakers who can address the topics you see as important to the collector/restorer community.

This CE website is now being enhanced to include slides and other materials that were part of the past W9DYV events. While these materials are highly informative, they capture just a small part of the material discussed informally and, unfortunately, miss out on repair work done to specimen radios. For example, one of this year's speakers, Jeff Covelli (WA8SAJ), helped an attendee repair and make fully operational a rare Drake TR-44 rig. Its owner then had a grand time tuning the bands and making QSOs into the night!

Plans are already being made for next year's event. So, circle the July 21st weekend and plan to be in Jonesborough, Tennessee. See you next year!

This year presentations included the following; (PPT = Powerpoint file)

Collins Radio Company and the War Years, KE1ER
Converting the Collins 20V series to Ham Operations, KE1ER
The Central Electronics 100V Prototype Development (And the Prototype, itself!) K5EF
DXpedition to South Georgia Island, W5XU
How to Build Transceiver Adapters for the Central 10/20A, W9RAN/K5LYN
History of R. L. Drake, WA8SAJ
History of Swan Electronics, WA8SAJ
Troubleshooting and Aligning Phasing Rigs, K5EF
Is it time to ban the 458? (transceive with the CE 20A), W9RAN
A Very Special 20A, W9RAN

Presentations from previous years;

SSB and the US Navy, Nick England
Restoration of Boatachors, WØYVA
2016 CE Event

Photos by Brad. NB9M
Jeff, WA8SAJ, Drake expert
Bob, WØYVA; Nick, K5EF and the 100V Prototype
Our hosts, Diane and John Vogt
Lynn, K5LYN
Bob, W9RAN

Marge and Wes Schum and Nick, K5EF
Wes, W9DYV and Nick, K5EF

View a video of Wes Schum calling CQ during 2015 Field Day on CE equipment

The 4th annual (2016)CE Boatanchor Event was very sucessful with good attentance; great presentations; and
demonstrations of vintage and homebrew SSB equipment. Photos from the event can be viewed here.

Videos of the presentations at the 2016 event:

Adventure to VP8ST, South Sandwich Island - David Assif, W5XU
Better Audio - Bob Heil, K9IED
Building the General Electric SSB, Jr - Mark Mumaw, NU6X
History of Single Sideband - George Maier, W1LSB
Homebrewing SSB Equipment - Mike Bohn, KG7TR
The History of Cosmophone - Brian Harris, WA5UEK
The Legends of Central Electronics & Wes Schum - Nick Tusa, K5EF
TMC Corp History - John Poulton, K4OZY
Tucker-Tin Two and the Hallicrafters FPM-200 Story - Bob Nichols, W9RAN
YouTube Play list of ALL the videos listed above

Description and photos from the 1st CE Boatanchor Event

Photo of the 5th Annual SSB dinner, March, 1956. Can you spot Wes Schum?

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Ivanhoe and Galahad

ER Article Read this first!
Ivanhoe Schematic
Galahad Schematic
Ivanhoe Keying Circuit
Ivanhoe Design Notes (1961) Pg 1 2 3
Ivanhoe Photo
Series Gate Modulation Article Pg 1 2

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