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Owner Photos
Historical Pictures

SSB Demonstration by Wes Schum, W9DYV

SSB Demonstration by Wes Schum (L) W9DYV and Joe Batchelor (R) K9KMY, April 1956 at the
Twin Oaks restaurant in Smyma, GA. Wes gave over one hundred sideband presentations
from 1951 through 1961. He single-handedly out-talked and out-promoted everyone on the
virtues of amateur single sideband.< (Note the "light bulb" dummy load for the 600L!)

1955 Station of W9PQO

How would you like to have had this station in 1952??!

Harland Dewitz, WØDHO station

Factory photo of the 200V - top view

200V bottom view

Prototype of CE's proposed Novice rig completed on Nov 22, 1961.
VERY good looking. (CE was deactivated on Nov 29th!

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