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If you own a Central Electronics 100V, no doubt your panel meter has seen better days. After 50 years of being baked by that hot #47 indicator bulb used for backlighting, most have turned a horrible dark red color. Worse, we have seen on some meters where the red silk-screened scales have completely faded out and are nearly impossible to read.

Make your meters look new again with our freshly manufactured replacement meter faceplates. Our faceplates have been carefully crafted to match the color scheme and scales when your 100V’s meter was first installed at the Belmont Street factory. Best of all, they are easy to install…even for us enthusiasts whose eyes have aged along with our vintage and highly collectable radios.

The 100V panel meter faceplate is in stock and available for immediate delivery. The price, you ask? Just $42 ppd.

So, what’s next? Assuming there is sufficient interest in these 100V replacement faceplates, our next product release will be a corresponding replacement KC dial plate and, ultimately, new 200V meter faceplates. Restored Central Electronic exciters and transmitters sound great on the air. No reason they shouldn’t look great in the shack, too!

The old and the new ...


The Type-A Telephone Relay used in the 10B/20, 100/200V exciters and 600L amplifier have started to experience failures at a rather high rate. The problem appears to be a failure of the rather small (44-gauge) wire used within the relay coil. The very small wire diameter, trace acid compounds in the insulation/varnish and humidity cause the wire to simply corrode open. Of course, the open is at the very bottom of the tens of thousands of turns, so repair is impossible.

TCS has found a source for replacement coils, however, several factors have conspired to make their per-unit cost fairly high. Those factors include the Industry's transition from relay to solid-state logic within telephone switching systems (where these relays were principally used), their relatively high impedance (10,000 Ohms) and the need for this replacement to fit within the existing relay frame.

Replacement of the telephone-style relays is, in itself, impractical as the effort (and resulting cost) to develop and package a replacement kit, with instructions sufficiently detailed to permit field installation, is excessively complex.

TCS has purchased an initial 50-lot quantity of replacement relay coils and can deliver immediately from stock. As these coils are custom made to fit exactly within the existing CE relay frame, field installation requires the removal of only one screw and soldering just two wires.

The cost of this coil is $65 plus USPS


Many 100V and 200V transmitters have somehow, over the years, lost their PA covers. We have manufactured a run of replacement cover kits and these are now available for $20 each, ppd. Kits include one perforated cover and the necessary nickel plated hardware for installation. Kits are available for immediate shipment from stock.


The long-awaited 160-meter conversion kit is now available. The kit is not for the appliance operator crowd, as it requires the installation of two low-level coil/capacitor assemblies, 160m crystal, resistors/bypass caps deep within the PA Coil Compartment and band-drum lettering. The easiest part of the whole installation is the output just plugs in!

Kits are available at a cost of $195. Owners wanting the 160 conversion, but lacking the necessary equipment to perform the installation can return their units to TCS. The cost for a TCS-provided installation, excluding return shipping, is $250.


TCS has located a source for identical nickel plated machine and sheet metal screws as used on all Central Electronics products. There is no better way to improve the appearance of these rigs than to replace that unsightly rusty hardware.

Currently available hardware includes 8-32 machine screws, #6 and #4 Type-B sheetmetal screws and replacement rack mount screws and shoulder washers.

Please email us with your requirements for a firm price quotation. If there is sufficient interest, we can kit complete hardware kits for these vintage radios.


That's right, folks...they're finally here! Central Electronics used the finest parts available for their premiere 100V and 200V transmitters, but every electrolytic filter capacitor has a finite life. And, after over 40 years of reliable service those original HV filter capacitors are far past their prime and living on borrowed time.

I have had a custom run of these extremely hard-to-find capacitors manufactured and the first shipment of parts has been received. These are exact-fit, USA-manufactured capacitors that are designed to replace the original equipment parts. Joe Batchelor, the design engineer for the 100/200V line, asked Sprague to put as many microfarads as possible into a 4-inch twist-lok can. They got 250mfds, but we managed to squeeze in a few more for 270 @ 450VDC.

These are packaged as a set of three for a total price of $125, ppd within the U.S. Stock up now, as the failure of this critical component will certainly sideline your rig for a good many days.


If the limiter fails to function, verify that the 28681 feedback transformer is functional by resistance testing the primary/secondary windings. If an open is found, it is likely that acid from the mercury cells has migrated up one or more transformer leads and has corroded open the small gauge wire used in the transformer, itself. Replacement transformers are available now, for $15 plus postage.

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