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Technical Information

Technical Information

Discussion of the CE SSB methodology, alignment procedures, known suppression problems and solutions.
100V and 200V audio filter and limiter descriptions and service issues with these modules.
Troubleshooting the 100V and 200V PS-2 network module.
MM-1/2 background information, clean up ideas, suggested component replacements, and known problems with their solutions.
MM-1 Schematic
MM-1 schematic; 11-1-56
Description of the 100V and 200V VFO, known problems, calibration and removal procedures, and rebuilding details.
Coil winding details for the 10A and 10B. (from Zenith Sales, 5/13/65)
Full size 100V schematic. (thanks to W2HX)
Model 350 Phase Shift Network
Instructions and schematic for the Model 350 B&W Audio Phase Shift Network.
Instructions for aligning 100V and 200V transmitters
600L Schematic
600L amplifier schematic
200V Schematic
200V schematic broken down by function - very handy! (thanks to Lee, WB6SSW, for this effort)
SSB Techniques & Design
Report on SSB Techniques and Design Requirements by W. Bruene, Collins Radio, 1954


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