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Tom Clemens, W9OKA, and Central Electronicsd

Prior to Zenith’s involvement, Central Electronics was the domain of Wes Schum, his childhood pal Roy Scherman, the genius of Joe Batchelor and a few rising star radio technicians who later became full degreed engineers. Tom Clemens was one of those young technicians and joined Central in early 1953. Tom was key in the development of the refined 20A exciter and the 10 meter converter used in the 458 De-Lux VFO. Later, and prior to Joe’s relocation to Chicago, Tom was tasked with making Joe’s broadband couplers work in the then unnamed 600L amplifier.

Tom was the designer of the regulated screen power supply in the 600L and for many years that design was included in the ARRL Handbook. Once the 600L project was completed, Tom was recruited by P&H Electronics where he designed their 1625 amplifier and other accessories. Next, Tom was recruited by Hallicrafters and had later stints at Hammarlund (he designed the HX-50 transmitter).

While at Central, Wes tasked Tom with preparing internal white papers for use by their design personnel. One such paper was that dealing with the design of Pi-network tuners. Later, Tom developed other papers involving simplified design techniques for lowpass, highpass and bandpass filters.

Here are a few of Tom’s works.

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